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The needless controversy of Nobel Peace Prize

The decision to award Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union has sparked controversy both around Europe and the world and further diminished its value in some eyes, given current uneasy developments of Eurozone crisis. The award became another good chance for Euro critics to smear the union, leaving a bad taste overall. Despite that, there are numerous reasons why European Union is the most deserving regional state organization to receive Nobel Peace Prize. Continue reading

18. December 2012 by Karolis
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God, please give us victories!

“God, please give us victories. Some people don’t understand: This is all we have left. Basketball is the only thing that is keeping Lithuania together. The cheering, the singing, the same colors, all of this is what reminds me of … Continue reading

09. July 2012 by Karolis
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Lithuanian eye on past, present

“A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step,” goes the age-old Chinese expression, one that fittingly summarizes the story for the Lithuanian basketball team every four years in the FIBA European Championship – and especially this year, as hosts of the tournament. Continue reading

04. September 2011 by Karolis
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